The origins of the Chabala Handball project  

My name is Álvaro Ruiz, I'm a professional handball player and I play for Fenix Toulouse. I'm the founder of Chabala Handball.

Chabala is the result of an injury and is proof that wonderful things can come out of the worst moments of your life.

Two months after I injured my cruciate ligaments, I met a parent of a young player during physical therapy who told me how hard it was to find shoes for their son, a handball player. I needed to keep my mind busy for the 8 months I couldn't play. So I thought I could take advantage of my reeducation period to come back to my team stronger than ever, but also to put this project for a shop together and to meet the need for equipment that all players are confronted with.  

I'm not alone, I'm lucky to have Thibault Dumoulin with me - without his support and his business sense, Chabala wouldn't exist. Clément Perez, manager of the first shop in Toulouse, is the cornerstone of this project.

The purpose of the first shop in France to be dedicated 100% to handball, created by 3 handball players, is simple: a boutique created to meet the needs of handball players with personalized advice, but also to create a real experience for handball lovers.

We can't wait to meet you and show you our shop!

"Chabala" - a meaningful name

Chabala is a French term for an offensive technical offensive move in handball. When moving in to score, the attacker pretends to get ready for a fast shot, starts the move and then lowers his wrist to hit the bottom of the ball for a lob. The ball flies close to the goalkeeper's head, which is extended in this case, and he (usually) closes his eyes reflexively.

source : wikipedia

The "Chabala" motion in video :